Rosalind Scott Bell delivers talks at ARDL Webinar: Unrepresented Registrants – pitfalls, initiatives and an advocate’s approach when acting against

The Webinar covered the pitfalls for someone who is unrepresented and advice for advocates facing unrepresented registrants. It also looked at how the SSSC as a regulator approaches this, the proportion of registrants who are represented, the impact representation makes, and initiatives to increase representation and engagement.

Rosalind Scott Bell's part of the talk was about self-representation from the perspective of the Registrant him or herself, including:

  • the particular difficulties of self-representing
  • why Registrants self-represent
  • what goes wrong when they self-represent
  • what Regulators say they are doing to help those who self-represent
  • whether outcomes are affected by self-representing
  • the Claire Matthews’ case

Unrepresented Registrants – pitfalls, initiatives and an advocate's approach when acting against - Association of Regulatory & Disciplinary Lawyers (

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