Contempt & Private Prosecutions

The team at Deans Court offer expertise as advisers and advocates in all areas of Contempt and Private Prosecutions

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With an increasing focus by insurers and others on remedies post-litigation, the expertise of Chambers across the Criminal, Regulatory and Civil and Insurance teams is very much in demand. The ability to blend both Criminal and Civil experience and knowledge is valued by insurer and other clients alike.

Members of the Contempt & Private Prosecutions Team have been involved in recent high-profile Contempt applications before the High Court, and have brought and defended Private Prosecutions in the Criminal Courts. There is vast experience in the team of prosecutions before regulatory bodies.

The technical and high-cost nature of this work requires a detailed knowledge of inter-jurisdictional procedure and law, and Chambers is able to offer experience at all levels. Members of the Team are able to advise in writing and to appear in Courts in all jurisdictions.

If an informal discussion assists before formal instructions are sent, Chambers is happy to arrange this.

Examples of some high-profile cases members of Deans Court have been involved in can be found here:

The clerks to be contacted in the event of a query are:

Matthew Gibbons, Senior Clerk

Peter Kelly, Senior Criminal & Regulatory Clerk

Andy Flannigan, Senior Civil Clerk