Sports Law

Members of Deans Court have extensive experience of acting for clients in high profile or sensitive matters across all a variety of sports including football, archery, golf, gymnastics, tennis and a range of other sports at both professional and amateur levels. 

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The Deans Court Sports Law Team understand the complexities and unique challenges faced by athletes, sports organisations, and stakeholders in the sports industry. 

Our team of skilled advocates is dedicated to resolving legal disputes, protecting your rights, and ensuring compliance with relevant regulations. Chambers’ expertise across a variety of disciplines allows the team to provide a full service to clients. 

Our barristers have a deep understanding of sports law and extensive experience representing clients in the sports industry. We stay updated with the latest developments in sports regulations and case law to provide cutting-edge legal services.

Within the sports team a number of our barristers are qualified to provide legal services on a direct access basis which for some includes a license to conduct litigation. This approach is often well received from athletes who require urgent assistance in time sensitive matters. 

Areas of Expertise

Athlete Representation: 

We provide legal representation and counsel to professional athletes, helping them navigate contractual negotiations, endorsement deals, disciplinary matters, and image rights issues. Members of the sports law team have acted in major commercial deals across Europe and further afield. 

Sports Contracts and Negotiations:

Our team is well-versed in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various sports-related contracts, including player contracts, sponsorship agreements, licensing agreements, and broadcasting contracts. 

Anti-Doping and Drug Testing: 

We assist athletes, teams, and sports organizations in matters related to anti-doping regulations, drug testing protocols, and doping allegations. Our barristers have a deep understanding of the World Anti-Doping Code and other relevant regulations.

Disciplinary and Regulatory Matters: 

We represent athletes, coaches, and teams in disciplinary proceedings and regulatory matters brought forth by governing bodies, such as sports federations or leagues.

Sports Dispute Resolution: 

Our barristers have extensive experience in sports dispute resolution, including mediation, arbitration, and litigation. We work diligently to resolve disputes efficiently and effectively, minimising disruption to our clients' careers and reputations.

Sports Governance and Compliance: 

We offer guidance to sports organizations, including governing bodies, clubs, and associations, on matters of governance, compliance, and regulatory requirements.

Intellectual Property and Image Rights:

We provide legal advice and representation in matters related to intellectual property, including trademark registration, copyright protection, and enforcing image rights for athletes and sports personalities.