Paper by David Boyle on Griffiths v TUI UK Limited [2020] EWHC 2268 (QB) published in Dehradun Law Review 2020, 12(1) DLR (2020)

After his talk in June 2020 on Alternative Dispute Resolution attracted a Zoom audience of an astonishing 645, David was invited to contribute an article for publication in the 12th annual Dehradun Law Review. Law College Dehradun is a flagship institution of Uttaranchal University and is the first independent Law College in Uttarakhand, northern India. Whilst their speakers and writers have historically been eminent judicial and academic figures from the Indian legal community and beyond, it is a measure of David’s clarity of expression and ubiquitous approach to legal thinking that he should be invited to speak, and then to write. His article on the recent case of Griffiths v TUI UK Limited in which Sebastian Clegg was Counsel at first instance and junior Counsel on appeal goes far beyond a recital of the case and the case law, but offers detailed consideration of the wide potential impact of this decision which goes well beyond Holiday Sickness claims and Travel Law, potentially affecting all cases involving expert evidence.

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