International and Overseas Territories Law

Our team of Barristers offer experience as advisers and advocates in a number of different international jurisdictions.

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Deans Court specialises in the following areas:

 - Criminal Offences Overseas;

 - British Nationals Facing Proceedings Overseas;

 - European Arrest Warrants;

 - Complex Cases Involving Overseas Evidence;

 - International Inquiries.

Common law jurisdictions overseas are an increasingly important source of work in all disciplines. Members of chambers have advised in many cases where there are cross-jurisdictional issues particularly in family law matters, cases involving catastrophic injury and of course criminal matters.

Within chambers we recognise that the British Overseas territories have their own particular jurisdictions and generate their own individual legal work that is both challenging and important to the communities who live in the overseas territories and as well as in the wider context.

At Deans Court Chambers, we believe our clients, wherever they are in the world, should have the highest standards of advice and representation. Members of Deans Court have travelled to some of the most remote courts in the world to represent the state and individuals.

We offer an experienced team to advise and represent clients at all stages and at every level of overseas work. We know that often the most important aspect of advising clients in the overseas territories can be a prompt, straight answer.

Members of chambers regularly appear to defend and prosecute in the Falkland Islands, St Helena, Ascension and the Cayman islands.

Members have experience in cross border cases, as well as those involving international travel