Deans Court's Response to the CBA 'No Returns' Policy

Following the recent ballot of the Criminal Bar Association, the Criminal Team at Deans Court Chambers have unanimously decided to adopt a ‘No Returns’ Policy in relation to AGFS cases as of 11th April 2022.

Although the Criminal Team will continue to do the cases they are instructed on, they will no longer cover hearings that are returned to them when the instructed barrister is not available to attend.

We will endeavour to anticipate any issues that may arise and, where possible, ask the court to move hearings to future dates convenient to all parties, but in the event, this is not possible, then no barrister from these chambers will attend the hearing

Deans Court will ensure that there are open lines of communication with our instructing solicitors and the court, so that they are fully aware of our position in regards to all cases.

If you have any further questions regarding Chambers position on the No Returns Policy then please contact the Criminal Clerks:

Peter Kelly – Senior Criminal and Regulatory Clerk – 0161 214 6011 –

Steven McCormick – Criminal and Regulatory Clerk – 0161 214 6010 –

Mandy Wilson – Preston Criminal Clerk – 01772 565603 –

Ben Bennett Williams – Criminal and Regulatory Clerk – 0161 214 6039 –

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