Civil and Insurance Fraud

The team at Deans Court offer expertise as advisers and advocates in all areas of Civil and Insurance Fraud

Insurance fraud

Deans Court Chambers has a team of Civil and Insurance Fraud specialists to rival any other set. 

Members of the team have over many years been representing insurers and other paying parties when they are presented with fraudulent claims. Our barristers regularly appear in some of the leading cases, and we have recognised leaders in the field in many specific areas, such as Contempt of Court hearings.

We speak on all aspects of Civil and Insurance Fraud at a national and local level. We also provide issue-specific and client-specific training where that is requested. We also publish a Newsletter which can be found here:

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Members of the Fraud team are acutely alive to the greater focus that insurers place on tackling on fraudulent claims, as well as the long-term significant increase in the volume of claims. Working as a team with insurers, solicitors, investigators, experts and lay clients is even more important in this area of work than in others, and we recognise that. At Deans Court Chambers, we like to fully integrate with those handling claims, and take our share of the responsibility for presenting the best possible defence to the bogus claim, whilst keeping the commercial considerations at the forefront of our minds.

Since we like to work closely with our clients, we are aware of their policies and procedures. We also invest in training our barristers so that we keep up with technological advancements (analytics, social network analysis and anomaly detection, for example) and market developments.

The team is comfortable to work across all lines of business – Motor, Property and First Party claims, Casualty (or Public and Employers’ Liability), and other emerging areas – travel sickness claims and PPI claims, for example. We also represent local authorities and large self-insured companies when they are faced with fraudulent claims.

In Motor work, we have the technical skills to deal with policy coverage disputes, Road Traffic Act 1998 points and MIB claims, whilst also being able to offer vast experience of handling fraud rings, staged accidents and LVI cases.

A non-exhaustive list of our areas of work is as follows:

 - Motor claims;

- Staged accidents;

- Exaggerated claims;

- LVI;

- Policy coverage and indemnity;

- Road Traffic Act 1998 issues;

- Motor Insurers’ Bureau claims;

 - Employers’ Liability;

 - Public Liability;

 - Contempt of Court;

 - Travel sickness claims;

 - Property damage claims;

 - PPI claims.