Data Protection and Information Law

The team at Deans Court offer expertise as advisers and advocates in all areas of Data Protection and Information Law


The Data and Information Law team provide expertise in:

 - The General Data Protection Regulation;

 - Data Protection Act 2018;

 - Confidentiality and Privacy;

 - The Freedom of Information Act 2000;

 - The Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000;

 - The environmental information regulations;

 - The Regulation of Investigatory Practices Act;

 - Cases before the Investigatory Powers Tribunal;

 - Human Rights claims;

 - Cross border and jurisdictional challenges;;

 - Judicial review;

 - Group Litigation Orders.

The Data Protection & Information Law members provide practical advice and skilled advocacy at all stages. In particular, the team are acutely aware of the sensitive nature of information law to both companies and individuals. They are able to offer a 24 hour service to clients when crisis management is required and where matters are time sensitive.

Members are have acted for a variety of clients including:

 - ICO;

 - Commercial Organisations;

 - Public Authorities;

 - NGO’s;

 - Charities;

 - Private Individuals.

Members of our Data Protection & Information Law team can accept instructions directly from companies or members of the public via Direct Access. This has been a benefit to many SME’s during the recent pandemic and offers a quick route to skilled and practical advice on potentially costly data breaches.