Service Standards

Our clients expect us to deliver high quality advocacy and advice as a matter of course. We seek to ensure that we deliver our service in a thoroughly professional, efficient manner. We have adopted the following Practice Management Standards to ensure that we do.

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Quality Policy Statement

Deans Court Chambers aim to provide a wide range of expertise as advocates, advisors, mediators and arbitrators in all aspects of civil, commercial & chancery, criminal and family law. Our key quality objectives are:

  • to offer a special combination of experience, modern thinking and technology in the service of our clients;
  • to deliver a strong, swift response to individual needs;
  • to be accessible to our clients and to promote efficiency via advanced communication systems;
  • to protect our clients’ confidentiality and ensure the security of their data;
  • to deal with clients in a friendly, courteous and efficient manner, respecting their diversity;
  • to establish and abide by specific quality standards in respect of client care and all aspects of Chambers Management.

We are committed to a comprehensive and developing policy of assuring the quality of our service to all clients. In the accomplishment of this aim, our objective is to provide an efficient and professional service, carried out to controlled practices and to standards which are consistently maintained. This is ensured through the implementation and maintenance of clear policies and procedures, These are defined in our Practice Management Standards which are adhered to by all members, pupils and staff.

These Chambers work to and will continue to meet with the requirements of the Bar Council’s Practice Management Standards & Guidelines and thereby maintain the relevant quality assurance award(s). This is currently the Quality Mark. We shall ensure that these Standards are adhered to by way of regular independent assessments.

Although everyone within Chambers contributes towards the implementation, improvement and success of our quality system, our Senior Clerk has overall responsibility for ensuring that the policies, procedures and standards defined in the quality system are implemented and maintained. Our Head of Chambers and Management Committee have overall responsibility for ensuring compliance by our members.

We believe sustained quality and excellence are achieved only by continuous improvement. We shall strive to improve the service to our clients by means of structured corrective and preventive action. We have set service standards in respect of those policies, which affect our clients and measure our compliance at regular intervals to ensure such standards are maintained or improved upon. Regular team meetings are held through which we monitor the achievement of standards and policies and by which we set objectives for driving forwards our continuous improvement. At the strategic level, the regular review of our quality system and survey of client views ensures that our policies and service are always focused on client needs.

We attach great importance to the contribution which all barristers and employees make to the quality of service provided and to the continuous improvement philosophy. Our committee and meeting structure encourages a policy of open communication and involvement to generate an innovative environment and to capitalise on useful ideas. Resources and training requirements are regularly reviewed for individual employees, barristers and pupils and for Chambers as a whole to ensure that everyone is able to develop their skills and fulfil their role in the implementation of our practice management standards and contribute to the overall success of Chambers.

We are committed to the implementation and promotion of equal opportunities and to ensuring the absence of direct or indirect discrimination on grounds of race, colour, ethnic or national origin, nationality, citizenship, gender, age, sexual orientation, marital status, disability, religion or political persuasion.

We recognise that we may occasionally fall short of clients’ expectations. Our complaints procedures are designed to ensure that complaints are quickly and thoroughly investigated and appropriate action is taken. Clients are informed that they may pursue their complaints through the Bar Council if they wish to.

This policy has been issued to all barristers, pupils and staff and is available to clients via our Website.

Approved at a Chambers Meeting on 25 July 2000

Considered and reviewed at all subsequent Annual Chambers Meetings