Service Standards

Our clients expect us to deliver high quality advocacy and advice as a matter of course. We seek to ensure that we deliver our service in a thoroughly professional, efficient manner. We have adopted the following Practice Management Standards to ensure that we do.

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Standards for Criminal Work

Deans Court Chambers aim to provide the highest standards of advocacy, advice and service. Members of Chambers and Staff are committed to providing an approachable, efficient and professional service to our clients. Our clients’ needs are paramount.

In February 2003 Deans Court Chambers were the first set on the Northern Circuit to be awarded Quality Mark, the Legal Services Commission's quality standards for legal information, advice and specialist legal services.
As part of our ongoing policy to promote communication between Chambers and our clients, here is a list of our key driving factors behind our quality assurance scheme for criminal work.

  • The overarching policy of the Criminal practice group is to provide the highest level of service to clients.
  • We will strive to provide such service in a professional but friendly and approachable manner.
  • We will apply these principles regardless of the size or nature of the case.
  • We will maintain good communication with clients, seeking and acting upon feedback.
  • Briefs will be examined as soon as practically possible after their receipt in Chambers, and any advice required given promptly.
  • The clerks will assist in the selection of appropriate Counsel, taking into account seniority, experience and availability.
  • The clerks will endeavour to arrange for Counsel instructed to attend at court wherever possible, whilst recognising the difficulties sometimes encountered as a result of the system for the listing of criminal cases.
  • Where such difficulties arise, the clerks will discuss alternative Counsel of suitable seniority and experience with you at the earliest opportunity.

Private work - Fees

Our clerks are happy to discuss levels of fees at all levels and will provide estimates on request.
Our fees are based upon the following:

  • The seriousness of the case.
  • The complexity of the case.
  • The value and importance of the case.
  • The seniority of Counsel.
  • The work involved in the case.
  • The degree to which specialist knowledge is required.
  • The length of the case and commitment involved.
  • Travelling / expenses incurred.

Fees will be confirmed on receipt of papers once Counsel have had the opportunity to assess the amount of work involved and discuss the case with the clerks.

Quality Service

In order to provide our clients with a high quality and excellent service, Deans Court Chambers has adopted Practice Management Standards. These standards are available on request, or you can view them on this web site.
We believe that our clients' interests should be promoted by the whole of the legal team and endeavour to conduct all work on the basis of co-operation and trust. In order for us to become an effective member of the team, and provide the best possible service, we need help from those instructing us.
We would ask that the following be observed wherever possible.

Delivery of Instructions / Briefs

It is vital to the smooth and effective handling of a case that we have sufficient time to prepare. We are sure you will agree that complex cases involving large quantities of documentation require considerable preparation, whether for Trial, Conference or paperwork. It is, therefore, important that Instructions are sent giving ample time for preparation.
In order for us to fulfil our commitment both to you, the lay client and the Court, we suggest that, as soon as practical following Committal, instructions and any depositions / advanced disclosure that are available are sent to Instructed Counsel straightaway.
We would also ask that you:

  • Notify us of a hearing date as soon as possible, in order to ensure that Counsel of your choice is available.
  • Notify us, as early as possible, if a hearing is unlikely to be effective.

Prompt Payment

When Instructions / Briefs are returned, an up-to-date fee note should be attached to the papers, with a note of the work completed by Counsel.
Payment of Counsel's fees is required in accordance with the Bar Council's Code of Conduct, save where there is prior agreement to the contrary. We would ask, therefore, that, in order to provide an efficient and economical service, prompt payment is made of outstanding fee notes.

Conflicts of Interest

Any conflicts or interest will be identified as soon as possible and brought to your attention.


Deans Court Chambers welcomes feedback from our clients. We believe sustained quality and excellence is only achieved by continuous improvement. We will, therefore, strive to improve the service we provide to our clients. Client satisfaction surveys are conducted at regular intervals and we would welcome your participation.


If you have cause to make a complaint, this complaint should be addressed to the Senior Clerk, who will investigate the matter in conjunction with the Head of Chambers and respond within 14 days.

Equality Code

Deans Court Chambers is an equal opportunities set.

Data Protection

All members of Chambers are registered under the Data Protection Act.