Service Standards

Our clients expect us to deliver high quality advocacy and advice as a matter of course. We seek to ensure that we deliver our service in a thoroughly professional, efficient manner. We have adopted the following Practice Management Standards to ensure that we do.

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Technology at Deans Court

Barristers can provide legal services by modern means that serve clients swiftly and responsively.

At Deans Court Chambers, we recognise the benefits that modern technology can bring our clients.
We have therefore invested heavily in modern technology and training so that we can provide:

  • Instant access to all the major sources
  • Full searching facilities
  • A fast, comprehensive service
  • An ability to respond to our clients in a flexible way

Every member of chambers and all staff have access to the chambers network
Every member of chambers and all staff have e-mail addresses
Every member of chambers can access the networked JUSTIS ® databases.
Our ADSL service allows us exceptionally rapid access to the internet and virtual private networking allows staff and members of chambers remote access.
We all have access at the click of a button to:

  • The electronic Law Reports
  • The Weekly Law Reports
  • Lloyds Law Reports
  • Family Law Reports
  • Criminal Appeals Reports
  • Statutes
  • Statutory Instruments

Every member of chambers has access to the Casetrack® service of Smith Bernal International. This gives us access to all judgments of the High Court and Court of Appeal.