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Lisa Judge

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Lisa Judge - Deans Court Chambers



  • Sheffield Hallam University. LLB Hons Law
  • Inns of Court School of Law - BVC


  • CPS Advocates Panel - Cat 4 (R)
  • Appointed Crown Counsel for the Falklands
  • Assistant Coroner for North Manchester 2018
  • Assistant Coroner for Manchester West 2018

Professional Associations

  • Health and Safety Lawyers Association
  • Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
  • United Kingdom Environmental Lawyers Association
  • CoPPA
  • Women in the Law UK
  • Criminal Bar Association


Lisa Judge fearlessly defends her clients. She is nationally recognised as being one of the leading barristers in the field of defence health and safety law and regulatory work in this country appearing on behalf of both corporate and individual defendants. She regularly undertakes inquest work on behalf of companies, individuals and organisations. Inquests potentially leave interested parties and witnesses vulnerable to criminal or regulatory investigations.

Her expertise in the overlapping areas of health and safety, crime and professional discipline enables her to protect client’s interests during the inquest as well as provide continuity of representation in any subsequent criminal or regulatory proceedings. She combines her regulatory practice with a heavyweight criminal practice and has an astonishingly high success rate in defending rape and sexual assault allegations. She has represented a number of high-profile companies and individual clients and is recognised particularly for her client care and ability to prepare cases diligently and present them in a manner which is jury friendly.

Notable Cases

  • Health and Safety

    Lisa Judge represented a company charged with s2 HSWA involving the fatality of an employee. The Prosecution pursued the case on the basis of the failure to undertake a Risk Assessment, the failure to recognise a danger zone and the failure to implement any effective control measures. The Company was medium sized with an £18 million turnover with a previous conviction for a breach of the HSWA. As a consequence of her participation in the inquest, detailed discussions with the client and the preparation of a compelling plea in mitigation the financial penalty imposed was £120k with two years for the company to pay. Instructing solicitors have commented that the result was remarkable in all the circumstances and particularly where the sentence imposed was less than that imposed for the previous non-fatal breach.

  • Health and Safety

    Mid-Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust

    Multiple fatalities. Representing the Trust. Guilty Pleas Tendered. The systemic breaches were directly causative of the deaths;

    The breaches were symptomatic of a general malaise as to culture, standards and priorities which existed at Stafford Hospital.

  • Health and Safety

    Hi Quality Steel

    Fatality involving employee being injured when a Stihl saw blade exploded. Issues as regards safe systems of work. Inquest and Criminal Proceedings. Guilty Plea. Represented Company. Turnover; Medium

  • Health and Safety


    Fatality. Inquest and Criminal Proceedings. Guilty Plea. Contested 4 day Newton hearing. Defence successful. Representing Company. Turnover: Large

  • Health and Safety

    Bellway Homes

    Injuries: Level A/High. Systemic Failings alleged. Represented Company. Guilty Plea. Contested Newton Successful.

    s2 HSWA 74

  • Health and Safety


    Representing Company. Employee fatally injured by engineering process. Safe systems of work and risk assessment issues.

  • Health and Safety

    Warwick Estates

    Fatality. Inquest and Criminal proceedings. Guilty Plea. Tenant fell to death down lift shaft. Systemic failings. Representing Company.Turnover: Medium

  • Health and Safety


    Elderly pedestrian fatally injured by delivery van. Pedestrian segregation and traffic management issues.

  • Health and Safety

    R -v- Henry

    Health and Safety fatality. Individual Health and Safety Manager prosecuted. Work at Height and Safe systems of work. Acquitted.

  • Health and Safety

    R -v- CMB

    Individual Director Prosecuted for Health and Safety Offences resulting in the death of two contractors. Acquitted of the manslaughter offence. Guilty plea to health and safety breaches.

  • Health and Safety


    Fall from height, fatality. Individual prosecuted for pervert the course of justice.

  • Health and Safety

    Foxhill Equestrian Services

    Fatality. Representing the director. Employeecrushed when large equestrian jump fell and crushed employee.

  • Health and Safety

    Little Champs Nursery

    Representing company in relation to numerous health and safety offences in regards to the safety of the Nursery environment further to a crush injury having been suffered by one of the children within the Nursery.

  • Health and Safety

    Icon Process systems

    Representing the company, fabricator of water vessels. Work at Height and safe systems of work in issue. Serious injuries.

  • Health and Safety


    Work at height. Representing Company as regards failings in relation to the planning of a work at height project. Serious injuries sustained by employee.

  • Inquest


    Represented Care Home.

    Death in nursing home. Hypoglycemic episode. Question as to care provided by Home and the systems as regards service user reception and acquisition of relevant material. Safe issuing of medication etc.

  • Inquest


    Represented Company.

    Death at work. Bale fall onto employee crushing him fatally. Risk assessment and safe systems of work in issue.

  • Inquest


    Representing GeoAmey. System failure as regards the care afforded to prisoners suffering from mental-health issues.

    Death in custody. Article 2

  • Inquest

    C Jones

    Represented Company.

    Represented property management company in regards to tenant falling to his death down a lift shaft.

  • Inquest


    Representing Local Authority in regards to the suicide of a young girl released from a psychiatric unit. Multiple agencies involved. Article 2.

  • Inquest


    Representing Company.

    Death of an employee at work undertaking demolition works. Safe systems of work, Risk Assessments and Method statements in issue. Extremely sensitive due to the nature of the injuries sustained and the very obvious impact upon the family.

  • Inquest


    Representing Utilities Company.

    Death of a motorcyclist. Utilities company responsible for repairing the road. Historical documentation required to analyse the maintenance in place.

  • Inquest


    Representing Care Home.

    Death in a care Home. Full investigation into the systems in place at the Care Home to investigate legionella bacteria and the resident's exposure to it.

  • Inquest

    T Singh

    Representing Company.

    Death at work. Fatalinjury caused when pressurised equipment caused high velocity expulsion ontochest of deceased.

  • Inquest

    P Andrews

    Representing Company. Employee crushed to death subsequent to a balecollapse.

  • Inquest

    Jimmy Palmer-Hayes

    Representing GeoAmey.

    Death in custody. Management of psychiatric ill-health within the custodial setting. Article 2.

  • Inquest

    S Hethrington

    Representing Individual.

    Tractor involved in thecrushing to death of a farm worker. Traffic/pedestrian segregation.

  • Inquest

    E Mitchinson

    Representing Individual General Practitioner.

    In relation to hisinvolvement in the clinical care of the deceased.

  • Inquest


    Representing the Coroner.

    s13 Coroners Act Applicationto reopen inquest.

  • Inquest

    T Jones

    Representing GeoAmey.

    Death in Custody. Psychiatric treatment provided to prisoner and whether appropriate review of medical records undertaken. Article 2

  • Inquest

    C Hunt

    Representing GeoAmey.

    Death in Custody. Article 2

  • Inquest

    PC Bill Parker

    Representing Utilities Company.

    Death of serving police officer after bridge collapsed during Cumbrian floods.

  • Advisory Work

    Greater Manchester Police Instructed Lisa Judge in relation to a High-profile prisoner (now deceased) who had refused to disclose the whereabouts of the body of a child murdered a number of decades ago.

  • Advisory Work

    Lisa Judge is instructed by the Home Office to undertake a review of seized material to determine whether privilege attaches to material gathered during the execution of search warrants.

  • Advisory Work

    A high-profile solicitor arrested for an offence of perverting the Course of Public Justice. Represented at the police station. No charges pursued.

  • Trading Standards

    R v Ward

    Largest trading standards prosecution in the UK. Defence Counsel for individual Director. Acquitted

  • Trading Standards


    Represented prosecuting authority. Importation of dangerous Hoverboards from China. Guilty pleas tendered.

  • Trading Standards

    Zenith Staybright Ltd (ENTU PLC)

    Representing individual director in regards tonumerous trading standards and fraud offences. Acquitted. Sale of windows to vulnerable membersof the public. Multi million pound fraud alleged.

  • Fire Safety


    Represented Company and Director.

    Criminal Proceedings. Listed for Trial. Resolved by way of acceptable plea. Turnover: Small.

  • Food Safety

    FoodCo Ltd

    Representing the company in regards toenforcement proceedings brought as a result of animal excrement and generalfood safety offences within the restaurant unit at Birmingham New Street.

  • Environmental

    United Utilities

    Numerous cases of environmental offending to include fresh and waste water. Evidence requiring tidal modelling and contested expert evidence. Newton Hearing. Turnover: Very Large

  • Environmental

    EA v R Davies

    Major fire of waste recycling plant. Representing Director. Satisfactory negotiation of limited plea. No sentence of imprisonment imposed.

  • Environmental


    Individual Director prosecuted for numerouslarge-scale fires at Plastic Recycling facility. Suspended sentence imposed.

  • Environmental


    Individual Director prosecuted for numerouslarge-scale fires at a waste treatment facility. Ongoing.

  • Murder

    R v Wilson

    Mother and Two brothers indicted for murder. Junior Counsel for sole defendant acquitted of murder and all other charges

  • Murder

    R v Powell

    Junior Defence counsel. Multi-handed Conspiracy to murder. Acquitted.

  • Rape

    Lisa Judge represented Royal Northern College of Music student charged with rape of a fellow student but who was acquitted after trial. The Prosecution case was heavily reliant upon apparent confessions made over social networking between the Defendant and the complainant. The Defendant asserted that all sexual activity between them was consensual.

  • Rape


    Defence counsel Rape. Acquitted

  • Rape

    Operation Advance

    Defence counsel First Cold Case Review case acquittal. rape.

  • Rape


    Rape. Defence counsel Client request. Aquitted.

  • Rape


    Rape - Client request. Acquitted after trial

  • Private Client

    C Evans - Rape

    Acted on appeal.

  • Private Client

    A Johnson

    Sexual activity with a child.

  • Private Client

    C Killen.

    Sexual activity. Successfully negotiated reducedplea such that suspended sentence imposed

  • Private Client

    D Ward

    Assault. Successful in efforts to ensure thatthe complainant, another high-profile celebrity, was fundamentally underminedwhen giving evidence such that no costs were ordered and sentence imposed wasminimal.

  • Private Client

    J McEachran Assault

    Professional sportsman. Acquitted.

  • Private Client

    A Tinkler

    Assault. Acquitted.

  • Private Client

    M Ferrucci

    Rape. Acquitted.

  • Private Client

    A Keyte

    Police Officer. Assault. Acquitted.

What the directories say

"She is very tactical, excellent in negotiations and a strong advocate."

Chambers and Partners, 2022

"She's very upfront, forthright and has a good reputation in this field. She's also a fierce advocate." "She's very experienced, hard-working, dogged and determined."

Chambers and Partners, 2021

"Very thorough and she knows her cases inside and out. She's extremely good with clients and has excellent attention to detail."

Chambers and Partners, 2021

"She's a powerful advocate and a good negotiator." "Lisa is very experienced and really knows the ropes."

Chambers and Partners, 2020

Regularly defends individuals and companies in major health and safety cases brought by various regulatory bodies. Her health and safety practice benefits from her criminal law work. "An experienced, pragmatic practitioner." "She has a commercially minded approach."

Chambers and Partners, 2019

Capable practitioner with a strong reputation in the health and safety space as part of her thriving criminal and regulatory practice. She is regularly instructed on behalf of both large companies and individuals. She is known for her experience of handling cases involving sexual offences. "Very sound judgement."

Chambers and Partners, 2019

'A very effective communicator who quickly gets to grips with a case.’

Legal 500, 2018

Regularly defends individuals and companies in major health and safety cases brought by various regulatory bodies. Her health and safety practice benefits from her criminal law work. "Very efficient and very good at handling witnesses."

Chambers and Partners, 2018

Capable practitioner with a strong reputation in the health and safety space alongside her thriving criminal and regulatory practice. She is regularly instructed on behalf of both large companies and individuals. She is particularly known for her experience of handling cases involving sexual offences. "She is sharp and focused with a straight-talking, no-nonsense approach."

Chambers and Partners, 2018

‘Recommended for sexual offences cases.’

Legal 500, 2017

Regularly defends individuals and companies in major health and safety cases brought by various regulatory bodies. "She's a practical operator and a good tactician." "Lisa Judge does quite a bit of health and safety work and I highly rate her."

Chambers UK, 2017

Capable practitioner with a strong reputation in the health and safety space alongside her thriving criminal and regulatory practice. She is particularly known for her experience of handling cases involving sexual offences. "She really fights hard for her clients." "She's highly persuasive and a good person to have on your side."

Chambers UK, 2017

She has a strong track record in representing defendants in serious sexual offences cases'

Legal 500, 2015

One of the leading health and safety advocates on the Northern Circuit. She combines her regulatory work with a heavyweight criminal practice, and is noted by instructing solicitors for her highly skilled advocacy. "She is one of the best jury advocates around." "She has a no-nonsense approach and gets down to the heart of the matter."

Chambers UK, 2015

Handles a wide range of criminal law matters. She specialises in rape and sexual offences. "She is an excellent advocate; she is down to earth and very approachable, and has good client care skills."

Chambers UK, 2015

‘Prepares cases meticulously.’

Legal 500, 2014

"is focused, gets to the heart of a case and does a good job for her clients."

Chambers UK, 2013

'good manner with clients.'

Chambers UK 2012

' has an excellent reputation and is recommended'

Legal 500, 2011

'a QC-level jury advocate at half the price of a silk'

Legal 500. 2010

'continues to show herself to be an outstanding performer....admired for her "commanding respect of the court'

Chambers UK 2010

'has a strong junior practice in health, safety and regulation.'

Legal 500, 2009

‘Wins praise.’

Chambers UK, 2009

‘Very competent’

Legal 500, 2008

‘An excellent client manner....Diligent and well respected’

Chambers UK, 2008


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