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Colette Renton

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Colette Renton - Deans Court Chambers


  • BPP London – BPTC: Very Competent
  • Trinity College, Dublin – LLB 2:1
  • ERASMUS Year at Uppsala University, Sweden


  • CPS Level 3 prosecutor
  • CPS Specialist Panels 2018-22 Fraud List
  • Specialist Regulatory Advocate in Health and Safety and Environmental Law list C

Professional Associations

  • Criminal Bar Association


  • Junior of the Northern Circuit September 2017- March 2018
  • Middle Temple Harmsworth Scholar
  • BPP Advocacy Scholarship


Colette is an established and versatile practitioner, specialising in crime and regulatory work.


Since commencing practice, Colette has obtained significant trial experience both defending and prosecuting. She has represented clients in a range of offences including: drugs matters, violence offences, sex offences, fraud cases, driving charges. Colette deals with cases at all stages of case management and is experienced in appeals to the Crown Court and to the Court of Appeal. She is noted for her friendly and dedicated approach to her clients and their cases, and her technical legal ability.

Colette also has a successful prosecution practice, regularly prosecuting CPS panel 3 cases. Colette receives instructions as a result of her appointment on the Specialist Fraud Panel. She has experience of dealing with sensitive matters involving young and vulnerable people and ground rules hearings.


Colette accepts instructions in all areas of regulatory practice, and has been appointed as a Specialist Regulatory Advocate at list C for health and safety and environmental law as a result of which she has represented the Health and Safety Executive. Colette also defends both insured and private individuals in environmental and other regulatory matters. Colette has a flourishing inquest practice, representing local authorities and companies as well as private individuals. She also receives instructions in professional discipline matters and has represented individuals at disciplinary hearings.

Notable Cases


    Operation Rumble: acquitted in a 4-week trial at Carlisle Crown court in relation to alleged conspiracy to steal and burgle in locations all over Cumbria. The Defendant was accused of being involved in a conspiracy to remove ATM machines from shops and supermarkets using heavy plant machinery.

  • Operation Horizon: represented defendant in a county-lines drugs conspiracy spanning Barrow in Furness, Coventry and London.

  • Specialist fraud instruction: prosecuted case regarding extensive sale of illegal goods. Instructed in complicated 2 year Proceeds of Crime Act matter worth half a million pounds which included issues regarding tainted gifts and property held on trust. Matter completed after 2 years.

  • R v D,D,W,C - Prosecuted 4 handed production of cannabis matter, involving commercial grow at former stately home

  • R v H and H – burglary trial involving legal argument re. proceeding to try in absence with one defendant having never been arraigned

  • VHCC Fraud: disclosure Junior in a VHCC fraud. She was required to read and consider disclosure of 15,000 emails in 3 weeks, applying a strict rubric to dip sampled emails. The fraud related to a department- head at a University who had a personal relationship with a contractor who provided services to his department.

  • R v M - sentence for s.18 GBH appealed to the Court of Appeal.

  • R v J - 60- year old male who had spoken to a ‘paedophile-hunter’ online group, posing as a 14- year old and who had travelled to Blackpool to meet her. As part of this matter it was necessary to consider issues including: entrapment; extent of the incitement and R v Solanki

  • R v S – represented female in reckless Arson matter. Significant fitness to plead and psychiatric issue.

  • R v C- represented a 15- year old female charged with s.18 GBH who struck another 15- year old female to the face using broken wine bottle.


    Inquest into the death of K

    Represented a local authority where teenager from the orthodox Jewish community had suffocated himself in his bedroom. The teenager had received treatment for ADHD within his community and under the NHS. The inquest concluded with a finding of misadventure.

  • Inquest into the death A

    Represented a prison officer in a 3 week jury inquest into the death of a serving prisoner following known mental health difficulties and movement in the prison system.

  • Inquest into the death of E

    Represented a company offering care services to the elderly and vulnerable in an inquest looking into the death of an elderly service user following a fall.

  • Inquest into the death of M

    Representing a local authority in an inquest concerning the death of a care leaver who attended at hospital, before leaving shortly thereafter with his whereabouts unknown.


    Welsh Water v SGC

    Represented a construction company accused of interfering with a water main contra to the Water Industry Act 1991.

  • Social Work England

    Presented a case in which the SWE panel made findings of dishonesty and misconduct. The panel were concerned with the registrant’s actions relating to one particular case involving a child in the care system. The registrant was found to fail to pass key information regarding a disclosure of sexual assault, failed to comply with her statutory requirements re. visiting, had inappropriately taken the child to events with her family and friends, failed to adequately assess risk and had dishonestly omitted details from the child’s notes.

  • Social Work England

    Presented a case in which a social worker had convictions for a care working wilfully mistreating/ neglecting an individual and as a holder of a public office wilfully neglecting to perform duty. The registrant had engaged in a sexual and personal relationship with a teenage service user in the service the registrant managed, causing the service user extreme distress when ending the relationship. The registrant was erased from the register.

  • Social Work England

    Acted as “special counsel” in a case involving allegations of workplace bulling in an adult social services department.

  • Social Work England

    Acted as “special counsel” in a case involving multiple allegations of sexual assault and sexual harassment made by a colleague.

  • Social Work England

    Presented a case in which the SWE panel were asked to impose an interim order of suspension on allegations of dishonesty and failure to comply with statutory requirements surrounding looked after children.

  • HSE v JL – represented HSE in guilty plea and sentence of gas fitter for failing to secure.

  • Represented a specialist nurse at interim conditions of practice hearing. Client permitted to continue practicing with restrictions.

  • LCC v RG

    Represented individual accused of offences under the Environmental Protection 1990 regarding the storage and disposal of waste on a flatbed truck. Required to consider statutory definitions of “mobile plant” and feasibility of obtaining environmental permits.

  • Local authority matters

    Represented claimant and defendants in civil committal proceedings regarding breach of noise related orders. Represented local authority in trading standards matters relating to the sale of counterfeit and duty evaded goods, as well as intellectual property matters.

  • ICO v X

    Represented the ICO in writing in appeal against their decision to the first-tier tribunal.

  • Respondent in appeal by way of case stated in the High Court– [2019] EWHC 420 (Admin). Appeared in front of Higginbottom, LJ and Pepperall, J. The court considered the meaning of ‘unavoidable cause’ under s.444 (2A) of the Education act 1996.

  • Taxi licensing: represented local authorities and individuals in taxi licencing appeals, has extensive knowledge of cost rules.


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