Fraser Livesey

Year of Call: 1992, Lincoln's Inn

Fraser livesey
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Fraser Livesey practices in the fields of Coronial law, Regulatory work and Serious criminal cases. He has 30 years'​ experience and has been instructed as leading junior. 

He regularly acts for corporate and individual clients in Health & Safety prosecutions.

In the Coroner's Court he has been instructed by both the MPS and MDU to act on behalf of doctors and other medical professionals and been instructed in Article 2 Inquests for commercial clients, local authorities and prison officers.

He appears on behalf of doctors in the MPTS and Police Officers in gross misconduct tribunals.

In the field of General Crime he has both prosecuted and defended in murders, large-scale drugs and money laundering conspiracies, trademark infringement, and firearms cases.


Notable Cases

  • Inquest touching upon the death of CH (2024)


    Representing a company who had supplied plant used during a drilling operation during construction of the HS2 project. A subcontractor was killed during this operation and criticism had been directed at the manufacturers of the equipment, but the coroner found them to be “impressive” in their knowledge, experience and presentation of evidence to the Court.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of PQ (2023)


    Representing a consultant obstetrician who was on duty at the birth of a baby suffering from the rare condition of fatal anaemia. The doctor initially faced significant criticism from an expert witness regarding the treatment provided in respect of contested interpretation of cardiotocography, issues regarding fetomaternal haemorrhage and chorioamnionitis. Ultimately no adverse comment or finding was made in the Coroner’s findings.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of AT


    This was a two week Art 2 jury inquest, representing a mental health practitioner dealing with an individual with a complex presentation in police custody. this case involved issues in relation to s136 MHA 1983; mental capacity; the relationship between Police and MHA powers;  being arrested and detention in custody being declined

  • Inquest touching upon the death of LB (2023)


    Representing NHS Trust. An induced birth became complex and urgent intervention was required. The baby became hypoxic before birth and had to be resuscitated but sadly did not survive. A traumatic incident for all the medical professionals from the Trust who may have been required to give evidence. In conjunction with the new consultant in charge of the department presented evidence to establish new procedures, training and auditing. No RPFD or neglect findings.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of BNR (2022)


    Representing the Local Authority. The inquest concerned the death of a sixteen-year-old involved in criminal exploitation and drug use. This was a complex multi-agency case involving social care, mental health service, the youth justice service, the NHS and housing services Bath leading up to and in the first weeks of national lockdown due to the pandemic.

  • Re PC A

    Acting for a police officer in a gross misconduct tribunal who was alleged to have accessed sensitive information from the police computer system relating to Covid-19 restrictions during lockdown and passing this information to a third party

  • Inquest touching upon the death of ZBE (2022)


    The inquest related to the tragic death of a baby thrown over a high fence and into a fast flowing river by his father who suffered from paranoid schizophrenia and had sought admission to hospital in the days before the event. He was subsequently convicted of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility and described by the sentencing judge as “an extremely dangerous individual”. The matter heard from a number of expert witnesses and a variety of different agencies were involved.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of OBW (2021)


    Art 2 inquest in relation to death of a child in care. This was a new hearing after the original inquest conclusion was quashed following a judicial review.

  • Regina v AG

    The case involved the gruesome discovery of a body in the River Caldew by a farmer in Carlisle in July 2020. The deceased was lured to a house in the city centre before being been severely beaten and tortured over a two hour period by a number of men due to a significant drug debt, leaving 57 injuries to his head alone. He was then transported in a jeep whilst unconscious and his body dumped in the river where he ultimately drowned. The murderers abandoned the vehicle in woodland to the east of Carlisle and attempted to cover their tracks. The trial lasted eight weeks involving 6 defendants.


  • Inquest touching upon the death of AW (2021)


    Art 2 inquest with jury. Factually and legally complicated matter. Following the decision in R (on the application of Maughan) v. HM Senior Coroner for Oxfordshire submissions on unlawful killing in relation to both corporate and gross negligence manslaughter.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of SK (2020)


    Acting for Local Authority. Deceased involved with many agencies, medically complicated presentation and capacity issues. Neglect raised but not found as part of conclusion.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of K Bardsley (2018)


    Jury inquest. A lift failed and fell leading to fatal injuries. Technical expert evidence in relation to lift servicing and operation.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of JM (2018)


    Representing a doctor where a prescribing error had contributed to death.

  • Inquest touching upon deaths of MH & EB (2018)


    Art 2 inquest with jury. Representing company operating many care homes, one of which closed after CQC involvement. Medical issues in causative chain of events.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of P Oliver (2017)


    Article 2 inquest with jury. Sudden death by choking of a vulnerable man suffering from a range of conditions under one to one supervision in a care home.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of B Witham (2017)


    Death in a care home. Medical issues and a background fractious relationship between care home staff and medical practitioners. Issues as to causation.

  • Inquest touching upon the death of S Jones (2017)


    Representing Local Authority, several of whose agencies were involved with a troubled young woman with complex medical and psychological issues. Significant medical/medicinal issues.

  • Re B Smith (2016)


    Inquest representing care home facing serious criticisms by relative of the deceased. Arguments in relation to Art 2 and DOLS. Coroner found the home had provided a high level of care.

  • GMC -v- Dr A

    Professional Discipline

    Fitness to Practice Hearing before the MPTS involving health and misconduct issues

  • Inquest touching upon the death of Frederick Adams (2015)


    Art 2 Inquest concerning a death following an assault whilst resident in a care home. Involved a number of medical issues (there being 2 hospital admissions and interventfrom the General Practitioner and District Nurses), the involvement of social services and complex issues regarding causation.


  • Inquest touching upon the death of Mansoor Elahi (2015)


    Art 2 inquest with jury into death of a young man being treated for mental health problems who drowned in Hollingworth Lake whilst undertaking an activity whilst on authorised leave from hospital. The deceased had previously run into the lake on a previous episode of leave. The HSE investigated and were present throughout the inquest but no prosecution resulted against the lay client.



  • Re: Junction 16 Festival


    Successful licence review proceedings representing promoters and organisers of 3 day outdoor concert event

  • Re B Singh (2016)


    Inquest representing care home that specialised for challenging residents. Suggestions of neglect not substantiated.

  • SCC v Smith & Nicholas

    Fraud/Trading Standards

    Fraud and Cattle Identification Regulation prosecution. Leading junior.

  • HSE -v- MacAdam Ltd

    Health and Safety

    Defence of company prosecuted following an explosion in the workplace seriously injuring three people

  • Re D Martin.


    An inquest under article 2 in relation to a death in custody. Inquest considered individual and systemic issues within the prison

  • BBC v Raveshi


    Licensing appeal following appellant's acquittal on a murder allegation.

  • HSE -v- LCC

    Health and Safety

    Representation of local authority following serious incident on their premises

  • Bradford Coroners Court Re S Allen


    Representing company that manufactured equipment involved in fatal accident

  • R -v- Walker


    Sophisticated fraud committed by croupiers and a 'stooge' playing roulette in a casino. Serious breach of trust.



  • R -v- Calvert


    Allegation of incitement to riot over the internet via Facebook.

  • R -v- Campbell and Etheridge


    Two defendant murder case

  • R -v- Bottomley

    Attempted Murder

    Successful defence of defendant charged with attempted murder who had no recollection of the incident

  • R -v- Mehat


    Highly unusual case representing man alleged to be 'mute by malice'.

  • R -v- M

    Sexual Offences

    Prosecution of multi-complainant child sexual abuse case over several months leading to hearing of fresh evidence in a three day Court of Appeal hearing

  • R -v- Etherington & others


    Two month trial of tobacco fraud involving nationwide investigation

  • R -v- Tweedie

    Armed Robbery

    Armed robbery of bookmakers with a sawn-off shotgun

  • Operation Rebound

    Drug Importation and Supply

    Six week voir dire to successfully exclude evidence in a large scale conspiracy to supply heroin and cocaine.

  • R -v- Smith & others

    Drug Importation and Supply

    Successful defence of man of good character, alleged to be central to distribution of large quantities of heroin and cocaine

  • R -v- W

    Sexual Offences

    Historical allegations of rape and sexual abuse, defendant having significant psychiatric issues

  • R -v- Parkinson

    Court of Appeal

    Court of Appeal following Attorney-General’s Reference on the issue of the dangerous offender provisions

  • R -v- Smith


    Successful defence of professional man indicted with arson with intent to endanger life

  • R -v- Buchan

    Attempted Murder

    Attempted murder, attack with an axe causing serious head injuries

  • R -v- Hamid & others

    Public Order

    Successful defence in serious public order incident

  • Blackpool Borough Council -v- Raveshi


    Licensing appeal where licence revoked following high-profile murder investigation

  • Hunter -v- Cumbria County Council

    Judicial Review

    Prosecution under Registered Homes regulations. Eight day hearing trial and judicial review to the Divisional Court

Professional Associations

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Association of Regulatory and Disciplinary Lawyers
  • Health & Safety Lawyers’ Association


  • Bolton School
  • University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne - LLB
  • Inns of Court School of Law - BVC