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Elizabeth Dudley-Jones

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Elizabeth Dudley-Jones - Deans Court Chambers


  • Cowbridge School, Vale of Glamorgan
  • The King’s School, Macclesfield
  • University of Hull - Law LLB (Hons)
  • Inns of Court School of Law


  • GMC Panel of Advocates
  • CPS Advocates Panel - Cat 3 (R)
  • Assistant Coroner of North Wales (East and Central) 2018
  • List of Specialist Regulatory Advocates in Health and Safety and Environmental Law (List C)

Professional Associations

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Member of the Northern Circuit
  • MIND Mental Health Legal Network


Elizabeth Dudley-Jones is regularly instructed in regulatory criminal cases arising from alleged failures in the workplace, often where death or personal injury has resulted. She appears in cases where criminal, professional disciplinary or healthcare related allegations arise.

She has 16 years experience in defending cases before juries and prosecuting cases before professional panels and tribunals. Her principal specialisms relate to medical and healthcare practice and law, involving professional negligence and professional discipline. She has been included on the General Medical Council’s preferred list of counsel and has prosecuted for them for the past ten years. She regularly successfully prosecutes high profile GMC cases before the Fitness to Practice Panel. She has a wide experience in professional disciplinary cases (often linked to employment) and she has conducted cases before various tribunals, trusts and professional bodies, as well as during proceedings in the Employment Tribunal. She is one of the only barristers in the country who is instructed by the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct their cases for them outside of London.

She is also experienced in the Coroner’s Court and has acted in a number of cases and inquests. Her broad medical knowledge and jury experience assists her to obtain good results for her client. She recently obtained a good result for a local authority appearing on behalf of social services involving the death of a ‘Meals on Wheels’ service user.

She has a keen interest in health and safety and environmental law and has prosecuted cases for local authorities in the environmental and healthcare fields. She was instructed by a local authority in a high profile case, successfully bringing complicated proceedings against two company directors for serious breaches of food hygiene following the poisoning of 64 customers with the rare Giadia Lamblia parasite via water at a restaurant. She has also been involved in a case involving radon gas, involving the use of a radon sump. She also has experience of cases involving infection control and hazardous waste management.

Elizabeth’s background is in criminal work where she has defended all walks of life and has an ability to appeal to a wide audience of people. She has also successfully defended professionals charged in cases involving regulatory, fraud or sexual offences. She has a particularly notable success rate. Her experience ranges from representation in serious fraud trials (one VAT fraud case lasted over 9 months before a jury), employment fraud, big money confiscation involving sums in excess of £80 million, High Court restraint and receivership and other financial proceedings. She has also conducted other very serious criminal cases such as murder, rape and other sexual offending. She is categorised by the Crown Prosecution Service at Category 3 level and is listed by them as specialist rape counsel.

She has an ability to represent those with vulnerabilities, in particular mental health issues, representing those with significant mental health problems. Elizabeth also represents vulnerable adults and has acted for a significant number of children many of whom also suffer with learning disabilities, such as Asperger Syndrome, ADHD and Downs Syndrome.

She is registered with the Bar Council for direct access.

She has two young children and when she is not working she enjoys the Welsh seaside, cooking and walking her dog.

Notable Cases

  • Professional Discipline

    Defended a lead hypertension practice nurse of 35 years on serious charges before the Nursing and Midwifery Council. Accused of deliberately and dishonestly recording incorrect blood pressures of approximately 5,000 patients over 5 years and various other misconduct charges relating to 6 other patients.

    Following a successful submission of no case to answer in respect of two patients at half time, the Panel considered and granted an application to adjourn for a defence expert to consider disclosure made of medical records made by the NMC mid hearing on a defence application for disclosure for them before the Panel. Following the service of those records, a defence expert reported and the NMC’s expert agreed that after analysis of the blood pressure data relating to all the nurses and a doctor at the practice, the expert findings indicated that the registrant was not dishonest. A further application was made by Miss Dudley-Jones at half time (almost three years since the first closure of the NMC’s case) and the Panel agreed, dismissing the charge of dishonesty.

    The registrant then admitted the balance of the charges and Miss Dudley-Jones made a submission only in respect of misconduct (not impairment) and the Tribunal agreed and determined that none of the charges that remained amounted to serious misconduct. The case concluded with the registrant being totally exonerated by the Panel.

    Instructed by Lavinia Houghton and Rachael Wake of the Royal College of Nursing, Bolton and Leeds.

  • Health & Safety

    HSE v MW

    Represented a farmer who faced numerous health and safety breaches for allowing an employee to fall over 10 metres from a cherry picker without a harness.

  • Health & Safety

    HSE v JW

    Represented a farmer prosecuted by the Health and Safety Executive for the death of a farm hand on his farm.

  • Crime

    Elizabeth Dudley-Jones successfully prosecuted T and A Textiles Limited for numerous serious breaches under the Fire Safety Order 2005. The breaches occurred at the Company's substantial Newton Heath premises known as Sleepdown Mill, a factory which housed a substantial number of cardboard boxes containing flammable items as bedding, towels and hosiery. Fire Officers also discovered a number of illegal immigrants hiding in the boxes in the premises and in the event of a fire, these vulnerable people would not have been accounted for.

    Instructed by Miss Jenni Seex at Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Authority.

  • Crime

    Elizabeth Dudley-Jones prosecuted a rouge tradesman over 12 months who pleaded guilty at trial to committing aggressive commercial practices namely starting work on a number of elderly peoples' driveways without permission. Tried unsuccessfully to vacate his guilty pleas and ultimately a suspended prison sentence was imposed and compensation for victims ordered.

  • Leo Barnes Inquest

    Elizabeth Dudley-Jones acted for GeoAmey in a death in custody of a serial killer accused of killing pensioners. Jury concluded suicide and no findings at all were made by the jury against GeoAmey, who had been accused of failing to heed a warning to them that he was suicidal from the solicitor acting for him in his criminal trial.

  • Inquest

    Acted for Care Quality Commission. Coroner concluded death as a result of 'natural causes'.

  • POCA

    R -v- J (2015)

    Having secured a non-custodial sentence for being concerned in the supply of cannabis earlier in the year, on 31 July 2014 at Bolton Crown Court Miss Dudley-Jones successfully defended a Proceeds of Crime application on behalf of J.

    The Crown's Proceeds of Crime application was for £285,000 profit and £285,000 as realisable (as hidden assets).

    Miss Dudley-Jones negotiated a settlement from £285,000 down to £80,000 profit and £285,000 realisable assets down to only £19,500.

    She was instructed by Paul Shepherd of Shepherd solicitors, Sale.

  • Inquest

    Durham Coroners Court - Currently representing GeoAmy in relation to the death of a prisoner whilst in custody.

  • Sexual Offending

    R -v- Marcus Lilley

    Secured the unanimous acquittal of Marcus Lilley before a Bolton jury, after he was accused of multiple counts of vaginal and oral rape by a close friend and lesbian.

    Instructed by Isobel Gray of AFG Law in Bolton.

  • Financial Regulation

    Re: Companies House

    Represented the two company directors of a multi-million pound company producing a third of the worlds' paper. Prosecution of both directors by Companies House for failing to submit their end of year company accounts in a timely manner, contrary to section 441 and 451 of the Companies Act 2006. Directors disqualification order a likely outcome. Advised directors to file finalised accounts immediately and in conjunction with instructed solicitor, we drafted detailed written representations as to why prosecution was not in the public interest- representations accepted by Companies House and case not proceeded with.

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr H

    Prosecution of Dr MH, consultant cosmetic surgeon for teaching nurses bad practices relating to the administration of Botox and lying to the GMC Interim Orders Panel.

  • Crime

    Appeal of Chola Chansa

    Instructed defence trial counsel in Rochdale grooming case involving 7 defendants. Vulnerable complainant aged 15 plied with alcohol and drugs in exchange for sexual intercourse.

    Defendant pleaded guilty on an agreed basis of plea -5 years imprisonment.

    Appeal heard at the Court of Appeal sitting in Manchester Crown Square Crown Court before the Lord Chief Justice, Mr Justice Mark Turner and Mr Justice Jeremy Baker.

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr Z

    Prosecution of an Addictions Medical Officer Doctor.

    Doctor accused of asking prostitute patient if she orgasms with her clients and associated allegations of sexually motivated behaviour.

  • Attempted murder

    R -v- Stuart Shaw

    Led defence junior in attempted murder of mother in law by hitting her over the head 29 times with a hammer (led by Stuart Denney QC).
    Defendant suffered an acquired severe brain injury from being assaulted himself prior to his own attack on his mother in law.

    Trial involved contested issues of neuropsychology between experts specialising in acquired brain injury.

  • Inquest

    Re: Lancashire County Council

    Inquest into the death of a 79 year old resident of a care home who fell. Narrative conclusion - death as a result of complications from fall and cancer as underlying cause

  • Inquest

    Re: Marsden House

    Inquest into death from falling five floors down a lift shaft in Bolton

  • Inquest

    Re: Cheshire East Council

    Inquest into the death of a 16 year old boy. Conclusion - suicide

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr H

    Prosecuted a junior doctor who was erased from the medical register for taking sick leave to commentate in horse events.

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr R

    Restoration application to the Medical Register by a doctor erased in 2006 for stalking Abi Titmuss/serious misconduct and deficient professional performance. His behaviour was described as ‘serious psychological violence’.

  • Regulatory

    Salford City Council -v- Catherine Seale

    First ever Landlady successfully prosecuted by Salford Council for harassment of her tenant by unlawfully entering her property and removing the electrical fuses leaving her without heating, electricity and hot water. Fined £1,000, compensation to tenant of £250 and ordered to pay £5,000 costs.
    Alibi (she raised an alibi, which was investigated and during the trial, it was proved to be a false alibi)

  • Regulatory

    CAA -v- Mr H

    Prosecution of a pilot for negligently endangering the lives of parents and children when he landed his gyrocopter over and next to school playing fields.

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr F

    Prosecution of a doctor who absconded abroad to avoid his criminal trial for numerous identity theft offences. GMC charges involved dishonest applications and false Criminal Record Bureau applications to a variety of Trust in England and Wales. Listed on Crimewatch. Called in excess of 20 witness, all charges proved – erased from the medical register.

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr C

    GMC prosecution of a family GP who ordered the administration of a fatal dose of insulin to commit euthanasia for a 90 year old woman who had gynaecological cancer. Prosecution of a very sensitive subject which was reported in the Daily Telegraph and GP’s local newspaper.

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr B

    Prosecution of a GP charged with failing to pay his staff pension contributions and submission of a false invoice over £50,000– involving in excess of 15 witnesses. Erased from medical register. 

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr H

    Prosecution of a Consultant Plastic Surgeon charged with poor performance in cosmetic surgery (breast surgery) on a patient. Erased from medical register.

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr B

    GMC prosecution of a anaesthetist who, knowing or suspecting a feeding tube was incorrectly placed into the patients lungs rather than his stomach, ordered nurses to commence feeding down the tube causing damage to the lungs and to a vulnerable patient. Doctor later deliberately and dishonestly falsified the patients’ medical records to alter what he had infact done. Nurses photocopied originals suspecting he was acting oddly and presented him with the original notes against the altered notes. Reported in local newspapers. Suspended for 12 months

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr A

    GMC prosecution of a pharmaceutical director doctor who seriously sexually assaulted a vulnerable unwell work colleague who was taken to his in hotel bedroom in America whilst on a business trip in order to medically observe her well being. Reported in Daily Telegraph. Erased from the medical register .

  • Professional Discipline

    GMC -v- Dr S

    GMC prosecution of a junior doctor who lied to two Deaneries about her professional competencies when she had been removed from a training scheme for concerns about her deficient professional performance. Later also dishonestly assumed primary authorship of a research paper. Deficient professional performance in obstetrics and gynaecology – erased from the medical register.

  • Crime

    R -v- Mr A (Southwark Crown Court)

    Currently acting for the defence in a large scale computer ‘Hacktivist’ case of distributed denial of service attacks involving computer hacking and ‘cyber terrorism’ by the group Anonymous on Mastercard, Paypal and Visa.

  • Fraud

    R -v- Clive Saunders and others

    (Birmingham Crown Court) Defence Junior. Acted for principal conspirator. Nine month trial for a £68 million VAT Carousel fraud (MTIC) and money laundering conspiracy involving seven defendants and a “supergrass” defendant. Criminal Justice Act 1988 confiscation proceedings amounting to £88 million, very high value assets and hidden funds, receivership and High Court restraint proceedings – ongoing since 2005.

  • Murder

    R -v- Michael Brookes (Preston Crown Court)

    Defence Junior. Acted for 17 year old accused of murder of his paedophilic abuser since he was 11 years old. Acquitted of murder. 7 years imprisonment reduced to 5 years imprisonment on Appeal. Now a reported authority on whether dismemberment is an aggravating feature in manslaughter.

  • Money Laundering

    R -v- Sharif Mohammed (Manchester Crown Court)

    Defence Junior. Acted for the principal conspirator in a large scale conspiracy to launder the proceeds of a conspiracy to supply £4 million cocaine in the Manchester area.

  • Sexual Offences

    R -v- Mr B (Bolton Crown Court)

    Defence of an elderly male accused of a number of historic serious sexual assaults upon his sister in law over 38 years ago – Crown offered no evidence-acquitted.

  • Sexual Offences

    R -v- LC (Bolton Crown Court)

    Representation of young woman with exceptionally low IQ accused of serious sexual offences against children, fitness to plead hearing – unfit to plead.

  • Rape

    R -v- Mr B (Bolton Crown Court)

    Defending an 18 year old accused of vaginal and anal rape of his 9 year old cousin over years – acquitted after trial

  • Rape

    R -v- R (Bolton Crown Court)

    Acted for a 19 year old with severe Aspergers Syndrome who was charged with oral, vaginal and anal rape of his 5 year old cousin over a significant period

  • Rape

    R -v- Paul D (Bolton Crown Court)

    Defending step father indicted with rape of young step daughter. Acquitted following trial.

  • Rape

    R -v- Anthony M (Manchester Crown Court)

    Acted for father who admitted raping his daughter over a ten year period.

  • Rape

    R -v- Gerald Butler (Preston Crown Court)

    Case of autrefois convict for a man charged with rape of his daughter. Crown offered no evidence.

  • Arson

    R -v- Mr A (Wolverhampton Crown Court)

    Defence of seriously psychiatrically unwell man charged with arson with intent to endanger life, reduced to reckless arson – unfit to plead-hospital order.

  • General Crime

    R -v- K W (Bolton Crown Court

    Defended professional man charged with section 18 wounding – severe injuries following one punch to victim. Non custodial sentence imposed

  • General Crime

    R -v- Zuba Natha (Bolton Crown Court)

    Defended taxi driver charged with section18 wounding on a youth throwing stones at his taxi – non custodial sentence imposed.

  • General Crime

    R -v- David Kay (Bolton Crown Court)

    Defended man charged with section 18 wounding having kicked ex wife in face shattering her jaw. Short custodial sentence imposed

  • General Crime

    R -v- John Chapman (Preston Crown Court)

    Prosecution of a man who tied a woman up in her own home, blindfolded and terrorised her with a weapon. Sentenced following a Newton hearing to immediate public protection

  • Drug Cultivation and Supply

    R -v- MS (Bolton Crown Court)

    Defence of a former special needs school teacher suffering with bi-polar affective disorder charged with cultivation of a large quantity of cannabis acting under duress from others as a result of his mental disorder. Case not proceeded with by Crown as a result of representations made.

  • Drug Supply

    R -v- MA (Manchester Crown Court)

    Defence of a woman of good character charged with conspiracy to supply cocaine and conspiracy to launder proceeds of the sale of cocaine. 6 defendants.

What the directories say

"She gets invested in her work, really commits to working with you and goes above and beyond." "She is meticulous, always in the detail, but also very approachable, friendly and really good at putting witnesses at ease."

Chambers and Partners, 2022

‘ Highly personable and extremely thorough. Has an eye for detail but remains flexible in her approach. ’

Legal 500, 2022

"She has a very good advocacy style." "A highly polished advocate, who is extremely proficient and has an eye for detail. She's got a great grasp of professional discipline law and procedure." "She is very approachable, hard-working and committed."

Chambers and Partners, 2021

Capable of mastering a complex factual brief. Good knowledge of the jurisdiction. Engaging personality which encourages confidence. Great attention to detail.’

Legal 500, 2021

She is fantastic with clients and witnesses and provides the necessary reassurance they often so desperately need. She comes across as really down to earth and approachable, but is equally ready to fight your corner if so required. She is always in the detail and super prepared, and you can guarantee that she will give you and your client 110%.’

Legal 500, 2021

She has excellent client care. Good knowledge of local authority regulatory work. Friendly and helpful.’

Legal 500, 2021

"Impressive" and "highly thought of by the GMC."

Chambers and Partners, 2020

‘ A quietly persuasive advocate who seems to be well-regarded by the judiciary. ’ ‘ Fantastic with clients and witnesses. ’

Legal 500, 2020

"Very approachable, efficient and authoritative." "Very experienced." Recent work: Acted for the GMC in the prosecution of a consultant psychiatrist for allegedly kicking a mentally disordered patient on the floor.

Chambers and Partners, 2019

‘She has a very engaging client manner.’ ‘She has great communication skills.’

Legal 500, 2018

Has a broad professional discipline practice, with a notable focus on handling cases concerning medical and healthcare law, involving issues such as misconduct, dishonesty and clinical failings. She regularly prosecutes cases for the GMC, including several cases. "Always on top of all the details." "An experienced Medical Practitioners Tribunal advocate."

Chambers and Partners, 2018

‘She has particular skill in handling vulnerable clients.’

Legal 500, 2017

‘She has the ability to put vulnerable witnesses at ease.’

Legal 500, 2017

Has a broad professional discipline and employment law practice, with a notable focus on handling cases concerning medical and healthcare law. She regularly prosecutes cases for the GMC, including several cases before the Fitness to Practise Panel. "She has a very good bedside manner with clients and meticulous preparation." "She is very bright and has impressive knowledge of professional regulation - I have been impressed with her approach and depth of knowledge."

Chambers UK, 2017

'Reliable, extremely approachable, and excellent at communicating with clients and solicitors'

Legal 500, 2016

‘A professional and persuasive advocate.’ (Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing)

Legal 500, 2015

‘Hardworking and committed.’ (Crime)

Legal 500, 2015

‘A professional and persuasive advocate.’ (Crime)

Legal 500, 2014

‘A safe pair of hands to coax and confront in cross-examination.’ (Regulatory, health and safety, and licensing)

Legal 500, 2014

'has wide-ranging expertise of workplace and environmental regulation.'

Legal 500, 2014


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