Prison Law

With the increase in the imposition of indeterminate sentences and an ever larger prison population, Prison Law is an important area of growth for Deans Court Chambers.

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The team provides assistance in a number of areas:

 - Parole hearings;

 - Licence recall;

 - Adjudications;

 - Categorisation;

 - Judicial Review.

The team also provides specialist advice in writing and in consultation.

 Clients represented in criminal proceedings can go on to have complex prison law needs and similarly prisoners often seek specialist representation as their sentence progresses.

Deans Court appreciates that the robust, professional representation of prisoners is vital for those solicitors, specialised in this area, to maintain their relationships with their clients. The team has experience in representing individuals in prisons throughout England and Wales.

We are part of a team acting in the best interests of the client. The basis upon which we undertake this work is set out in our Terms for Criminal Work.