Equality Diversity and Inclusion

Deans Court Chambers is committed to promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace and in the wider community.

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Diversity Profile

As part of its commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, Deans Court Chambers carries out periodic monitoring and analysis of its diversity profile. A survey of barristers and staff was carried out in 2021, the results of which appear below.

Participation in the survey was optional. The results below reflect the diversity profile of the volunteers only.

Missing data

For all characteristics, those surveyed had the option of ‘prefer not to say’ or of withholding consent for Chambers to publish their personal information. If there were fewer than 10 individuals in a category with a particular characteristic, that data is only published if all relevant individuals freely provided consent to do so, due to the risk of identification. Where specific data or consent was not provided, the data is recorded as missing.

Total number of responses to the survey

Download our Diversity Profile Document here - Diversity Profile