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Joanna Moody

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Joanna Moody - Deans Court Chambers


  • LLB Law with European Law First Class - University of Leeds
  • MA Medical Law and Ethics - University of Manchester

Professional Associations

  • Family Law Bar Association
  • Child Concern


  • The AHRB Scholarship
  • Sir Thomas More Bursary
  • Hardwicke Scholar
  • Hughes Scholar
  • Eversheds Prize
  • Crabtree Prize
  • Ford & Warren Prize


A family law specialist for over 15 years with particular emphasis on public law children proceedings, Joanna’s organised and committed approach to her case preparation and her down to earth approach with clients has been recognised by professional and lay clients respectively. Within public law proceedings Joanna has represented Local Authorities, parents, relatives and children at all stages of the proceedings, including finding of fact hearings and final hearings. Her experience includes cases involving non-accidental injuries, factitious and induced illness, neglect, domestic violence, drug and alcohol misuse and sexual abuse.

Joanna’s experience in private law cases has involved her dealing with issues of domestic violence, sexual abuse and emotional harm and has seen her representing parents and children within those proceedings.

Joanna regularly appears in the county court and High Court and has appeared in the Court of Appeal on both public law and private law children matters

Notable Cases

  • Family

    A local authority  v M (2018) 

    Represented the local authority in an application for a return order before Parker J where the parents had removed the children to Poland.

  • Family

    A local authority  v A  (2018) 

    Represented a grandmother in an SGO application where the mother had been murdered by the father. The case also involved the termination of the father’s parental responsibility and a section 91(14) order until the child reaches 18 years of age

  • Children

    A local authority v V 2017

    Represented the children in proceedings before MacDonald J in circumstances where the father had murdered the mother during proceedings. The case concerned Article 15 considerations and the legal basis for placing the children with extended family members in Hungary. 

  • Children

    A Local Authority v X (2017) 

    Represented a child in public law proceedings concerning inter sibling sexual abuse before MacDonald J 

  • Children

    2016   T v B

    Represented a child in a finding of fact rehearing concerning issues of sexual abuse of a family member, after the initial findings were overturned by the Court of Appeal

  • Family

    2016 A local authority v B

    Represented a mother in care proceedings with alleged non-accidental injuries, in particular  bilateral fibular fractures

  • Children

    2016  A local authority v W

    Represented the local authority in public law proceedings  concerning extensive bruising to a young child

  • Children

    2016 LA v W

    Represented the child in an application for a FGM protection order before Keehan J.

  • Family

    2016 LA v F

    Represented the child in care proceedings concerning alleged sexual abuse by a family member.

  • Family

    2015  V v B

    Represented the child in private law proceedings concerning a contact law application by a mother who was born in the Caribbean but currently resided in Spain. The issues were how to ensure safeguards were in place (by way of The Hague Convention and Brussels II revised) in case of abduction

  • Family

    LA v M (2015)

    Led by Susan Grocott QC representing the mother in a case involving allegations of factitious illness before the President

  • Family

    T -v- A [2014]

    Represented a father at first instance and as a respondent before the Court of Appeal in a case concerning issues of residence and shared residence.

  • Family

    LA -v- B [2014]

    Represented the child in public law proceedings at a first instance final hearing and as a respondent before the Court of Appeal.

  • Children (Public)

    Re A (Placement Order: Imposition of Conditions on Adoption) [2014] 2 FLR 351

    Appeared before Court of Appeal led by Jeremy Weston QC representing the children on an appeal concerning placement orders.

  • Children (Public)

    A Local Authority v L [2013]

    Represented a local authority in a case involving a baby with unusual fractures to both feet.

  • Children (Public)

    A Local Authority v S [2013]

    Represented a foster father in a case concerning fracture injuries sustained by a child in foster care where there were no concerns about his own children.

  • Children (Public)

    A Local ~Authority v K [2013]

    Represented the children in a case involving historic allegations of sexual abuse made by the mother against her father.

  • Children (Public)

    A Local Authority v J, A Local Authority v A [2012] [2013]

    Representation of the children in two different cases where the issue was whether a placement order was in the best interests of a young child with behavioural difficulties.

  • Children (Public)

    A Local Authority v S [2011]

    Represented a local authority in a 16 day finding of fact hearing involving a skull fracture and rib fractures. The case also involved legal argument as to whether the father had capacity to give evidence, and whether a lay witness should give evidence in circumstances where she was threatening to commit suicide if she did.

  • Children (Public)

    A Local Authority v H [2011]

    Represented a young mother with a troubled background in a case involving fractures to the clavicle and skull in a baby

  • Children (Public)

    A Local Authority v B [2011]

    Represented a local authority in a case involving significant physical abuse of the children. The case also concerned the court's approach to disclosures made by children and ABE interviews.

  • Children (Private)

    Y v Y [2011]

    Represented a mother in successfully opposing a special guardianship order in favour of a residence order when all other parties sought a special guardianship order

  • Children (Private)

    L v L [2011]

    Represented a father in a case opposing relocation to the mother's native country.

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