Teachers Regulation Authority

Deans Court are experienced in dealing with matters in relation to the TRA.

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The Teachers Regulation Authority is responsible for operating the regulatory system for all teacher misconduct as defined by The Teachers’ Disciplinary (England) Regulations 2012 and the Teacher Misconduct: Disciplinary procedures for the teaching profession.

This includes:

- Investigating all cases of misconduct received and progressing those cases assessed to be serious enough to result in prohibition, if proven, through to hearing;

- Considering and making decisions on whether an interim prohibition order should be imposed to prevent a person working whilst an investigation is carried out;

- Administering the hearing process and procedures, ensuring the constitution of the professional conduct panel reflects regulation and guidelines;

- Acting as decision maker on behalf of the Secretary of State to consider the professional conduct panel’s recommendation and determine whether a prohibition order is appropriate. The decision maker will also decide whether a teacher may apply for a review of the order.

Deans Court barristers are experienced in providing expert advice to teachers who face the TRA disciplinary process.