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The Fraud Team at Deans Court Chambers is one of the strongest and most experienced teams both on circuit and nationally, having been instructed in many of the major Carousel (MTIC) and Diversion frauds in recent years.

Our experience includes:

  • Bonded Warehouse Diversion Fraud
  • Carousel (MTIC) Fraud – Mobile Phone
  • Charity Fraud
  • Diesel Laundering/Duty Evasion
  • International Car Ringing
  • Horse Race Fixing
  • Legal Aid Fund Fraud
  • Misfeasance in Public Office
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • NHS Fraud
  • SFO Fraudulent Trading

We have acted for many professional clients in respect of fraud matters including:-

  • Accountants
  • General Practitioners
  • Horse Trainers
  • Jockeys
  • Local Councillors
  • Magistrates
  • Opticians
  • Prison Officers
  • Solicitors
  • Surveyors
  • Veterinary Surgeons

We believe that we are part of a team acting in the best interests of the client.
The basis upon which we undertake this work is set out in our Terms for Criminal Work.

Deans Court Chambers' Criminal Group offers star quality players with wide experience of corporate and commercial crime

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