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Michael Blakey

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Michael Blakey - Deans Court Chambers


  • Manchester Metropolitan University LLB(Hons)


  • Recorder 2003

Professional Associations

  • Criminal Bar Association
  • Association of Military
  • Court Advocates



Michael Blakey was called to the Bar in 1989 by Middle Temple. Michael spent 5 years in the Crown Prosecution Service leaving in 1992 to join the bar. He joined Young Street Chambers in Manchester (as it became) and was head of chambers 2006-2012. Michael spent 4 years with St Johns Buildings in Manchester before moving to Deans Court Chambers in 2017.

Michael Blakey is a very experienced criminal barrister and has appeared in many notable cases over the years spanning the criminal calendar.

Michael has a wealth of experience before entering the law and from 1973 to 1980 Michael served in the British Army. He has represented many soldiers in criminal cases in the crown court and has a number of years experience, representing defendants in court martial hearings.

Michael Blakey's previous experiences prior to joining the bar has enabled him to develop a good rapport and proper relationships with clients and solicitors in both defence and prosecution.

Notable Cases

  • R v Ben Yuen

    Triad gang violence.

  • R v Lawlor

    Murder. Body never found save for a skeleton. Case revolved around DNA.

  • R v Hadfield

    Drugs conspiracy Class A inclusive of allegations of corruption

  • R v A

    Represented a soldier charged with sexual offences committed against another serving personnel. The defendant wished to remain in the army and pleas were negotiated which ultimately allowed this to happen.

  • R v D

    Representation of a soldier charged with violent disorder.

  • R v Foster

    Historic sexual allegations


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