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Paul Higgins

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Paul Higgins - Deans Court Chambers


  • Manchester Grammar School
  • Trinity College, Oxford

Professional Associations

  • Personal Injuries Bar Association
  • Professional Negligence Bar Association


Paul Higgins has developed a formidable reputation for work in personal injuries, dealing with a wide range: road traffic, public liability, industrial accidents and industrial disease. His practice encompasses the whole spectrum, up to and including catastrophic injuries valued in excess of £6 million.

His caseload is such that he will ordinarily accept instructions in multi-track claims only, or where there is a point of substance or complexity justifying the instruction of senior counsel.

He is particularly instructed where complicated issues of liability arise, or where discreet items of loss in a catastrophic injury claim require detailed analysis. He has a firm but fair manner in negotiations and has a robust approach to advocacy in the event that a claim is pursued beyond its reasonable limits.

Notable Cases

  • Court of Appeal

    Qader v Esure Services Limited [2016] EWCA Civ 1109 

    Whether fixed costs apply to low value RTA protocol claims that are subsequently allocated to the Multi-Track

  • Court of Appeal

    Liverpool Victoria v Saleem [2015] EWCA

    Guidance from Court of Appeal in respect of appropriate reduction in sentence on occasion of a guilty plea in committal proceedings

  • Court of Appeal

    Charnock & Ors v Rowan & Others [2012] EWCA Civ 2

    Principles to be applied to hearsay evidence contained in medial records, best practice in respect of pleading

  • Court of Appeal

    Esure v Tariq Ali [2011] EWCA Civ 1582

    Jurisdiction of single judge sitting in the High Court to make a committal order for an alleged contempt of court in proceedings that were commenced in the county court but were subsequently transferred to the High Court

  • Court of Appeal

    Singh & Others v Habib & AIG [2011] EWCA Civ 599

    Application of Ladd v Marshall principles to fraudulent claims

  • Court of Appeal

    Crompton v Dunn Line (CA) [2008]

    Judicial interventions rendering trial unfair

  • Court of Appeal

    Francis and Others v Wells and Churchill Insurance [2007] EWCA Civ 1350

    Burden and standard of proof in RTAs in which fraud is suspected

  • Court of Appeal

    Hall and Others v Stone [2007] EWCA

    Costs consequence of exaggeration; non-part 36 compliant offers

  • Court of Appeal

    Casey -v- Cartwright [2006] EWCA Civ 1280

    Application of Kearsley -v- Klarfield

  • Court of Appeal

    Kearsley -v- Klarfield [2006] EWCA Civ 1510

    Low impact collision claims

  • Court of Appeal

    Bannister -v- SGB plc [1997] 4 All ER 129

    Striking out

  • High Court

    Zurich Insurance v Kevin Hooper [2016] EWHC (Elais LJ and Hickinbottom J)

    Sentence of 8 months’ imprisonment for the making of a fraudulent claim.

  • High Court

    Liverpool Victoria v Amy Laban & another [2016] EWHC (HHJ Godsmark Q.C.) 

    Sentence of 4 months’ imprisonment for the making of fraudulent claims.

  • High Court

    Esure v Mohammed Aziz Liverpool Victoria v Abdul Jamil, Shamila Saleem & Farhana Kazmi [2014] EWHC 4003 (QB)

    8 day trial followed by committal proceedings relating to a complicated conspiracy to defraud insurers. Sentences of 8 months, 8 months and 6 months

  • High Court

    RSA v Danny Wykes [2014] EWHC (QB)

    Committal proceedings relating to a claim for £2million damages in respect of false injuries, including an untruthful claim of inability to use right arm. Sentenced to 6 months imprisonment.

  • High Court

    Esure v Tariq Ali [2012] EWHC (QB)

    Bradford District Registry - Committal proceedings - sentence of 12 months for involvement in conspiracy to defraud motor insurers

  • High Court

    Esure v Israr Hussain Shah [2011] EWHC (QB)

    Bradford District Registry - Committal proceedings - sentence of 18 months for involvement in conspiracy to defraud motor insurers

  • High Court

    Daniel Locke v James Stuart & Axa Corporate Solutions Services Limited [2011] EWHC 399 (QB)

    Case management guidance in conspiracy claims

  • High Court

    Mahmood v Shaw [2008] (QB) (Akenhead J)

    Application of Casey v Cartwright

  • High Court

    Singh v Hollins Travel [2008]

    So called ‘wedding crashers’ case - 3 week trial involving 25 claims from two minor coach accidents, claims were dismissed at trial and three of the claimants received custodial sentences for their part in the attempted fraud

What the directories say

Fields a strong practice in motor insurance fraud and regularly defends insurers against claimants looking to defraud them. Has appreciable experience in handling committal proceedings and putting cases before the Court of Appeal. "He has a national reputation for this type of work and his cross-examination is phenomenal."

Chambers UK, 2017

'An expert in fraud claims, who is brilliant on his feet.'

Legal 500, 2016

Enjoys a national reputation for his work in the motor insurance fraud area. He has particular experience in committal proceedings where, sources say, "he has helped to stiffen up the law." "He's excellent. What distinguishes him more than anything is his photographic memory." "He goes beyond what's expected. He's already got an amazing reputation but he's incredibly modest given how intelligent he is and how good he is at the job."

Chambers UK, 2015

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